Spectrum Paranormal

This aim of this project was to open our minds to the ‘subjects’ of research, developing a deeper understanding for the emotional retort that is quintessential to a field of research. People are not defined by their hobbies, jobs, or identifying traits. They are defined by the stories attached to those experiences. empathetically engaging with the groups or individuals in question treating them with dignity, to create an informed, sensitive response.

We investigated the supernatural world of ghosts, what are they, are they real, why are they here? But more interestingly to me, who are the people following them and why have they dedicated their lives to these spooky phenomena? As soon as my group and I dived into the world of mediums and Clairvoyance, we quickly found ourselves spiralling through London’s tight nit circles as we investigated this culture and profession. Most notably, Tim Braun, an ‘internationally renowned medium’ who was only in London for a week between NYC and New Delhi. However, we became sceptical of this field of work as business appeared to be in the way of any true connection.


Showing a interest with ‘Spectrum Paranormal’ it was clear that this was a group who had a real passion for what they did. Getting to know about the lives of this charming group of family and friends; I was taken aback by their stories of dreams, travels and happenings that lead them into such a speculative field of work. uncovering the truth, ghost or not, behind Britain’s hauntings. 

Feel free to contact me with any queries or for more information. 

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