Life's Rich Tapestry


How can the design of a craft, that utilises post natural materials, engage a diverse audience with the tribulations of recycling and open a platform for conversation and debate around an industry very hidden from the public eye?


Trading Transparency

What if we had the power to access the history of our products at our fingertips? What if we had total transparency and tractability that could help to better regulate global brands and support ethical working conditions or sustainable processes.

BlockChain may hold the answer!

The workshop

Concrete Flowers

Concrete flowers are maps, that beautifully and interestingly datafi an area and its culture, whilst simultaneously drawing  appreciation and attention to those objects that  tell a story  but often go unnoticed  below our feet.


Like Flowers, brightly coloured blossoms of plastic and aluminium decorate our streets in a concrete jungle.


The A12 orchestra

Working in situ under the A12 flyover, we became aware of concerns from locals that due to the limited space next to the canal they were at risk from faster modes of transport as they approached a blind corner.

Let's open our minds to the ‘subjects’ of research, developing a deeper understanding for the emotional retort that is quintessential to a field of research. People are not defined by their hobbies, jobs, or identifying traits. They are defined by the stories attached to those experiences. Empathetically engaging with the groups or individuals in question treating them with dignity, is important to create an informed, sensitive response.

Spectrum Paranormal

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