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Corporate Design

Deliberately vague and puzzled by institutional lingo, corporate design is a fully fledged fake business complete with all the necessary (forged) certificates and legal records. The aim was to instate a feeling of ambiguity but credibility that would make us a considerable option, sparking conversation, without implying that we actually did anything. Therefor selfishly using any connection or conversation with the outside world to fulfil the escape brief, with an immersive alternate reality that contradicts our normal life, rather than to generate capital gain.

This 'inspection' by the 'bbbc' was used as a documentation of the narrative and process of Corporate Design becoming real 

The process of constructing a physical alternate reality means critically deconstructing the semiotic relationships that we have ingrained in material, behaviour and people because these associations are what constitutes our understand if culture and our environment. 

My purpose for the office is as a frame work for a new kind of learning experience. one that engages it's users in a new sensory experience. Engulfing them, such that one no longer feels themselves. Allowing the users to develop an emotional and physical retort to an experience whilst stimulating all learning types. This could develop better cultural empathy for living and working environments abroad or in history.

To maintain belief in the office as a construct, we had to design a set that acted as a system and visual language that subconsciously determined the way we behaved, moved and thought about the environment, but we also had to design tasks and new back stories for the characters we became. The tasks were designed as such that they convinced us of our role. these consisted of routine tasks like sign in sheets, and job roles such as logistics and promotion that created perpetual paperwork and facilitated internal and external dialogue and meetings.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or for more information. 

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